Easily Distracted

I read an article about nervous habits and how it can contribute to loss in productivity. I said to myself I don’t do that but my inquisitive mind urged me to check.  So I made a little experiment of video recording myself while studying, I setup my cellphone to the recording feature and positioned it right at my table and started reading a book. I actually made a surprising discovery.




For the first 5 minutes nothing happens and subject reads the book with full concentration. At the sixth minute subject gets a little itch on his forehead and engages in scratching it. Then realizing that subject is being watched he sits straight. 2 minutes later he starts feeling his nose. Then scratches his head. 10 minutes to the book reading he starts biting his nails and suddenly stops, sits attentive, 2 minutes after that feels his jawline, scratches his forehead again. Eventually after 2 minutes of reading he feels thirsty and gets up for a drink.




Subject made a fool of himself.


Nervous habits are a huge problem for me and when I get problems I ask God and Google to help. God works in mysterious ways but Google is simpler so I got my results fast.



“Nervous habits are there because u get a psychological reward from them” tells a famous phyciaterist with a difficult name. To get rid of my nervous habits I have to wear gloves to prevent nail betting and concentrate harder to keep the distractions away.



Hope I don’t have to get therapy for this.




Wirelessly wired


A day ago, our government took a step everyone was expecting: No cellphone coverage in 54 major cities due to some security concerns. I woke up in the morning to discover a cross on my cell phone signals. I imagined that this would be bad but seriously I never missed my phone. That made me think that a late eighty born like me has seen all the technological improvements happen and isn’t addicted to them. I actually was happy that it was out so I never have to hear periodic rings of the texts I get. Carrying a cellphone is like a shackle u have to explain why u missed that call or why u never replied the text. Despite the benefits cell phones for me are a nuisance.


I am free without wires!!!