The Harp I Always Had

I dig music and I usually like weird songs which no one likes and I play them again and again till I remember them by heart and I don’t have to listen them anymore.

2 years ago I got inspired from college kids playing guitar and because it’s so cool and all, so I bought me a cheap guitar and started strumming it.

After 3 months or so I got tired of it, actually I wasn’t getting that feel which guitar players get when they play. When I hold it I want to let go because it doesn’t play right. I guess I’m not the cool kid.

A few day ago as I was cleaning my shelves I found an old harmonica my mom gifted me when I was really young, I don’t remember the age but I always had it as far as I remember. When I hold it in my hands I just felt it, a portable light and cheap instrument which I can always keep in my pocket and play wherever I want.

I immediately cleaned it and started playing it, it sounded weird but it spoke to me I turned on my sound cloud and recorded my first sound. I’m actually so happy to play it that I wanna do it everyday. I’ve added it to my daily calender and will play it everyday. Guess playing is not for being cool to me anymore, it’s for fun.