The fly in the shinning armor

I was sitting in my living room watching TV, and suddenly sharp buzz rattled my ear. A fly dashed passed my ear and as I could see it flying lazy all around the room I was afraid of it. It was the fly in shinning Armor. I jerked up my sofa and grabbed a swatter but couldn’t find it anywhere. After 2 minutes of waiting for it to show up I sat on the sofa again and continued my journey into the wild world of National Geographic. I’m a thinker when it comes to insects so now my mind was thinking about the fly ; why are they shinning green in color I’ve always wondered. I as a child I always thought it as a king or a knight of the fly colony but as I grow up I recognized the fact that flies don’t really get along with other flies like ants or bees do. Finally Google to the rescue. These flies are actually different than the common house flies they are a different specie known as blow flies. Their food and place to make magic happen is the same though: corpses and homeless guy’s wastes. I always thought these flies are lazy and dumb but they are actually much more efficient. Blow flies can smell their food and corpses from 1.6 miles away, they love sheep and some can leave their maggots inside human skin says wikipedia. That information is quite new for me to absorb. I browsed around more and stumbled on to the article about coffin fly. A coffin fly is another specie which I have never met but it can dig down six feet deep into earth to lay eggs in a human corpse O.O this info is quite scary as I always thought I would rest in peace down there. The scare alarmed my bladder and as I went to the can, I observed the knight fly sitting on the loo right at my throne. I grabbed my toilet shoe and gave it on the head. It got pasted right there. not so intelligent now are u?