Little Visitors

A few months ago, I woke up to a sharp screeching sound outside my apartments window. I went out to discover two newborn kittens laying under a nearby bush.  Immediately felling in love with them, their activities urged me to watch their snuggling for a while.

About two hours later, I heard fighting of two cats near the crib of the little ones, one of them appeared to be their mother. I shouted at them, they broke the fight and dashed away.  I was happy of getting in time and saving the day, if it wasn’t for me the tom cat might have killed them.

After an hour or two the screeching of the kittens began again. I went out again to discover lonely kids calling for their mom,  but she was nowhere to be found. It was getting cold and dark. I waited for a while, thinking of different bad scenarios, worst of all the possible return of tom cat. After giving it plenty of thought I  decided to bring them inside the apartment.

I put them in an old DVR box after filling it with dry mud and rags and placed it under my bed.  Though I have experience keeping pet cats but never this juvenile; So I sought internet for tips and found a lot of them for making solution and wiping them with warm cotton to make them go poo-poo though it was pretty disgusting but my determination to care for them was pretty strong.


The experience taught me a lot. I never nursed anything that way before. I had to wake up early to make solution, boil water and make a warm bed for them. feed them every other hour.

Third day i noticed that the kittens were getting a little slow in their movement, It made me suspicious and I went to visit a Vet, he told me how new born kittens should be left alone to fate, as they have a very poor chance of survival without their mom. The Internet had given me a staunch hope that I can save them if I dedicated enough time, and did everything right.

I tried everything changed solution increased feed, but they kept getting thinner. After a week the smaller kitten just never woke up in the morning. And the next day the other one perished as well in my hands. That experience was disturbing yet taught full and told me the reality of life and how everything will go one day despite of all the love and care you put in.

I buried both of them wrapped in cloth under the bush where I found them. Six month after the incident I found that the new leaves right above their grave went red, It was such a beautiful sight.