The Amazing Game of Cricket


A few months ago West indies won T20 International World Cup. I was supporting team Pakistan and watched all the matches with my friends which Pakistan team played.

I actually find no particular interest in the game of cricket from the start of time, neither anyone at my family does. When I first played cricket I had a hard time understanding the achievements besides long shots which have such a low probability. But the recent experience taught me that it’s more than that. Every shot has to be planned in split second and that’s how batsmen play and miss longshots because of their wrong judgements. But is certainly a game to be won there is no room to loose or fail or its an advantage to the other team. Keeping aside the science of the sport watching it in crowd is extremely fun with all the adrenaline pumping its like I’m actually making split second decisions whether to cheer after a second or not.

Watching a game of cricket with a lively crowd is certainly a new experience for me and i’ll definitely do it again.